Audio/Video Conferencing Delivery by Progress Communications

Numerous organizations now have a business presence across multiple geographical locations, where clients, customers, staff, and equipment are situated in buildings that are physically separated from one another. Communication between these locations often necessitates one or more audio/video solutions that can bridge the gap and provide one-on-one or one-to-many discussions or presentations. Recently, technology has made significant progress in providing solutions to the challenges of geographical separation. It is now easier and less expensive than ever to design an effective A/V solution that facilitates interpersonal communication between locations, saving time and money.

Whether your organization requires a wired or wireless, traditional, or IP-based solution, PCI's years of expertise in the industry are invaluable in ensuring that you are using the appropriate tools for the job. We have successfully implemented long-distance training, conferencing, meeting, and distributed audio/video solutions for a wide range of clients, designed to meet and exceed all requirements, regardless of size.

Our implementation services for your A/V solution may include some or all of the following, in as many locations as necessary:

  • Installation, calibration, and configuration of plasma, LCD, and projectors
  • Installation and configuration of audio systems
  • Installation and configuration of conferencing equipment
  • Installation and troubleshooting of Ethernet or coaxial cabling
  • Installation and configuration of recording systems
  • Installation and configuration of automation and control systems

Contact us today to learn how we can assist with the consultation, procurement, and implementation of any system to meet any audio or video need.