Network Infrastructure by Progress Communications

Ethernet and fiber optic switch close-upThere has been a significant growth in remote filesystems and software services in recent years as businesses have sought to reduce costs and enhance services by relocating them to remote locations. In order to compete in a global marketplace, businesses often need to maintain systems at multiple locations and provide seamless access to these systems from anywhere in the world. As the volume and complexity of stored information increases, users and systems accessing these resources require faster and more reliable availability. Streaming solutions, hosted cloud services, remote filesystems, and VOIP technologies now demand a level of superior quality and reliability now more than ever. Without the appropriate network infrastructure, users may be unable to efficiently access the necessary systems and information for their jobs, and systems may be unable to access critical resources such as databases and filesystems.

This demand brings many benefits, but also poses challenges for systems designers and IT managers who must keep up with constantly changing technology requirements. At PCI, we have partners with the expertise to recommend the right foundation for every application and environment. As a certified Cisco partner, we offer access to the best technology at the best price, configured and installed by Cisco-certified professionals.

Do not leave your infrastructure design to chance when it comes to handling the capacity and quality requirements of your organization's business processes. In today's world, 24/7 network access is a necessity.

Contact us today to ensure that your next infrastructure design allows you to rest easy at night.