Soundmasking by Progress Communications

Do you have an open office environment that's negatively impacted by unwanted noise, distracting your workers from achieving their productivity potential? Do you have a public space or exterior area, such as a reception area, vestibule, or portico, in which ambient noise is unnecessarily loud or distracting to the visitor experience? Perhaps you're trying to prevent others from hearing the discussions present in a privacy-intensive environment, where conversations should be kept confidential and secured between those in attendance. In each of these scenarios, a technology known as sound masking can be highly beneficial in the pursuit of your goals.

Sound masking refers to the addition of low-level noise into a natural or artificial environment, precisely contoured to reduce or eliminate the perception of unwanted environmental noise. Any successful sound masking solution will be placed inconspicuously in an area, ensuring that its inhabitants are not aware of its existence, though they are aware of the benefits it provides, such as a quiet, relaxing work environment or an enhanced sense of security.

In addition to environmental sound masking solutions for businesses, PCI specializes in the installation and support of audio security solutions that meet or exceed DCIDs (Director of Central Intelligence Directives), ICDs (Intelligence Community Directives) and DIAM (Defense Intelligence Agency Manual) requirements for SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities). Our solutions are designed to protect walls, ducts, pipes, conduits, windows, and doors in SCIFs and secure rooms.

We've teamed up with the nation's leading sound masking and eavesdropping protection providers to make certain we can provide you with a custom solution, tailored to your needs. Whether you need to enhance the productivity of workers in a call center, protect the confidentiality of patients in a waiting room, control the dissemination of information in a board room, or protect sensitive government assets from prying ears, our solutions are guaranteed to provide you with the results you seek at the price point you demand.

Contact us today to discuss how you can effectively utilize sound masking technology, to the benefit of your workers, visitors, and information security.