Wireless Solutions by Progress Communications

In recent years, wireless devices have become integral components of both our professional and personal lives. The advent of smartphones, laptops, and tablets has revolutionized the way we live and work. Consequently, businesses must now find effective means to grant their employees access to company resources from a wide range of technological devices and geographical locations. Previously, wireless connectivity was limited to niche applications, but it has now become a necessity for employees in nearly every setting.

The demands for wireless connectivity have grown exponentially, to the extent that wireless devices must perform as well as traditional wired devices. Speed, reliability, and security have become more crucial than ever before. Company resources are now shared and accessed from anywhere and at any time. It is of utmost importance that companies are prepared to offer wireless connectivity solutions wherever they conduct business.

We and our partners possess expertise in wireless voice and data solutions, encompassing Audio/Video, teleconferencing, VOIP, paging, retail POS systems, WANs, virtualization, and security. Our solutions are utilized by clients operating in various sectors, including enterprises, small businesses, schools, higher education institutions, hospitals, retail establishments, manufacturing and industrial operations, ISPs, and others.

We work with our partners assessing your requirements, followed by devising strategies for the appropriate technologies needed to accomplish your objectives. From comprehensive wireless site surveys, analyzing the coverage areas, geography, and topography, to cabling and installation – PCI will ensure that every solution we offer not only meets but surpasses the requirements of your organization.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss the wireless technologies at your disposal spanning from the most basic to the most advanced applications.